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Marketing Management

  • We will work to bring strategic drive and direction to your marketing effort, defining a clear structure that works within your budget and aligns with your business plan. We will analyse your current marketing activities, formulate a plan for you and manage its implementation, ensuring it delivers results. We can define a marketing budget for you, if you don’t already have one.
  • We can manage and coordinate your marketing team and their activities ensuring that they are delivering the right results for your business.
  • Our core strength is working across every element of your marketing to ensure that all activities are aligned, coordinated and integrated within your overall management and business objectives.
  • Consider us a member of your in-house team, an outsourced marketing manager if you like.

Marketing Audit

We will evaluate the effectiveness of your current marketing activities and create a proposal for developing your marketing effort further. Any recommendations made will be fully costed so that you can include them in future marketing budgets.

Project based services

Through our extensive network of specialist providers, built up during 20 years of managing marketing departments, we can offer to source the following services on your behalf, ensuring you get the best value for money solutions and that your requirements are effectively briefed in to ensure any outputs meet your expectations and fall within budget.

  • Branding, messaging & design
  • Event & exhibition planning, organisation, execution
  • Digital marketing / social media management / web design
  • Photography
  • Print
  • PR / Advertising


Supporting your team with check-ins on a weekly or monthly basis offering consultancy and support on any aspect of marketing, from content creation & media planning, segmentation & targeting, to brand development, and social media.