Apricus Marketing Turns 1 2021-2022

Apricus Marketing Turns 1

Okay so this blog is a little late – sometimes being a marketing consultant is like being a hairdresser and not having time to do your own hair – you are so busy working on your client’s projects that you don’t get time to write your own content!!

At the beginning of September Apricus Marketing officially turned 1 and we are delighted to be amongst the 78% of businesses to successfully complete their first year. Starting a business during a global pandemic has been an exciting ride. The virtual world really helped us to meet people in a cost-effective way and build a strong client base more quickly than under conventional circumstances.

Since inception we have worked with around 15 clients on everything from top level marketing strategy through to mentoring of their marketing teams and managing their social media. We have worked across sectors from legal software to construction, with textiles thrown in between. The variety of work has been both satisfying and enjoyable.

We relish seeing the impact we make on our clients’ businesses; from helping them to achieve clarity around business growth potential, budgeting and planning, to increasing the effectiveness of their lead generation activities, and bringing vision and simplicity to messaging and ownership of market position, as well as improving their ROI on marketing spend.

So, what have we learnt from our first year?

  • Be yourself.
  • Value your own knowledge and experience. Always!
  • Make time to work on your own business every week, without fail.
  • Networking is powerful, if you are doing it in the right places.
  • Marketing yourself and your own business is far more terrifying than marketing other peoples!

Here is to a successful year 2 and beyond!

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact us: 07843 821229