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10 Top Tips for Successful B2B Marketing.

Follow our top 10 tips to help your B2B marketing succeed:

1. Take the time to evaluate the inputs into your marketing strategy before producing marketing outputs.

This will ensure your outputs are more effective.

2. Look from the inside outwards and not the outside inwards.

Find the things your customers really value you for. Make a list of them and begin to bulk out content around those key areas to help build your proposition.

3. Be your customer!

Don’t be obsessed with things that aren’t relevant to your customer.

4. Measure! Measure! Measure!

Have a tactical plan in place, backed by a budget, so you can measure the success of your activities, return on spend, and impact on the bottom line. Also make sure you have the right measurement metrics in place.

5. Direct the bulk of your spend into those areas that give you the best return.

Remember, you don’t always need a huge budget to succeed.

6. Don’t put the marketing department into the hands of your MD, Ops, or Sales Director!

It is a demanding job that requires the right skills and focus.

7. Don’t let your marketing department operate in silo.

Marketing should be connected cross-departmentally throughout your business, particularly working with Ops / Production, R&D, HR, and Customer Service departments.

8. Don’t become too reliant on one promotional channel.

Choose the right mix to establish strong brand foundations.

9. Keep it simple!

Your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective.

10. Don’t stop!

Commit to marketing and keep going by measuring and refining your approach on a regular basis.

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