Starting out on your marketing career, or mentoring a new marketer?

As the summer season comes to an end, we say farewell to our marketing assistant, Olivia Wilkinson.

Olivia’s journey with us began during her third year of studies at the University of Derby, when she joined us as a marketing intern. Since then, she progressed into the role of part-time marketing assistant.

In this blog, Olivia summarises the valuable experience she gained during her time working with us, provides some top tips for others looking to embark on a career in marketing, and offers a little advice for those mentoring others at the beginning of their marketing career.

Reflecting on her time at Apricus

“I was delighted to join Apricus Marketing, which provides strategic marketing consultancy and marketing management services to small to medium enterprises across the midlands.

“I was keen to find a role where I could gain some real hands-on experience in a commercial setting and with Apricus being a small, growing business, the opportunity to play an integral role in supporting owner Clare Taylor in delivering a range of marketing services directly to their clients was really exciting.

“This helped to free up some of Clare’s time so she could focus on growing her business and provided me with an opportunity to be a hands-on member of the team”.

Olivia’s key responsibilities encompassed a variety of tasks, including managing social media platforms, contributing to the formulation of strategic and tactical plans, and engaging in content writing for businesses across multiple sectors. She also took on responsibility for keeping the website up to date with SEO optimised blog content and enjoyed conducting a comprehensive website analysis, as well as building customer databases for effective email marketing campaigns.

Olivia’s involvement in attending business networking events and client meetings also enhanced her understanding of effective marketing practices in real-world scenarios.

The Importance of Marketing Strategy

Olivia comments “Working with Apricus has helped me understand the importance of marketing strategy. Adopting the four strategic principles of ‘Evaluate, Plan, Implement, and Measure’ to underpin any marketing initiative ensures that it is accountable and makes a difference to core business performance.

“Working alongside Clare as a mentor and learning from her two decades of comprehensive experience has been invaluable and has really helped boost my confidence.

“Not only was I able to work in a positive and uplifting environment, but I also gained the encouragement of innovative thinking and the value placed on open and honest communication, all aimed at bringing out the best in our work.”

Valuable Advice for Aspiring Marketers

Olivia offers her advice for aspiring marketers and comments on the importance of gaining hands-on experience, regardless of whether it’s on a voluntary or part-time basis. “Whether you’re at the very beginning of your journey, in a different industry, or studying towards marketing,taking the initiative to gain experience is essential”.

She comments “Reach out, network, form connections both in-house and externally, and gain experience whether that be on a voluntary or part-time basis. I was able to work with a small, agile business, develop my knowledge, witness my impact, understand my interests, and create valuable connections”.

Olivia’s Top Three Tips for Future Marketers

  1. Gain Relevant Experience: Pursue opportunities to gain marketing experience to widen your knowledge, understand your interests, and develop as a marketer.
  2. Network: Build connections within the industry.
  3. Believe in Yourself: Have confidence in your abilities and the impact you can have in the marketing world.

And for those nurturing a less experienced marketing team…

Says Olivia “Using a marketing mentor is a great way for businesses with less experienced marketing teams to develop. Apricus provides check-ins on a weekly or monthly basis to provide consultancy and support on any aspect of marketing. I have found Clare’s mentoring to be really beneficial.”

A New Chapter and Continued Growth

Olivia will continue her marketing journey at the University of Derby as a graduate associate in marketing. We wish her the best of luck in her new position and can’t wait to witness her continued growth and success.

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