The joy of having all your marketing eggs in one basket!

In the dynamic and evolving world of marketing, many businesses often find themselves at a cross-roads when seeking marketing support. How do you know what kind of marketing support you need?  Here we look at the benefits and pitfalls of a specialist versus generalist marketing approach.

The rise of digital marketing over recent years means that there are many providers offering specialist solutions from SEO and PPC through to social media management, and email marketing. Specialised solutions such as these allow for tailored strategies to meet the unique needs of a specific audience. This targeted approach often leads to more effective and personalised marketing campaigns. The channels are completely transparent, trackable and able to demonstrate a clear return on investment, if implemented and monitored correctly. But are they really the Holy Grail and are they sufficient to build long term brand awareness and stability if implemented in isolation?

Adopting a broader, generalised marketing approach based on using a mix of tactical activities allows for greater versatility, adaptability and the ability to pivot according to changing market dynamics and marketing objectives over the long-term.

Marketing generalists possess a broader understanding of multiple marketing disciplines, allowing them to see the bigger macro picture surrounding your business and its marketing needs. This holistic view can be beneficial in crafting integrated campaigns and strategies that encompass multiple channels at relevant time points to deliver desired results. Generalists can also bridge the gaps between specialists from different areas and communicate across marketing and internal functions making them a valuable, integrated part of your internal team.

Tactically specialist marketing solutions are highly effective for the here and now, however strategically specialist solutions are quite simply pieces of the overall marketing jigsaw where no single piece can truly work in isolation.

When outsourcing your marketing, consider your short, medium and long-term business goals in order to find the best solution for your business.

We’re not ashamed to say that at Apricus marketing, we are generalists and proud!

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